Friday, July 30, 2010

Jack, Raleigh, NC - 3 for Friday

Of course, the interesting thing about a kid's t-shirt is not what the t-shirt says about the kid, but what it says about the parents.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alyssa, Rexburg, ID

Who: Alyssa
What: 100% cotton
When: 2007
Where: Nederland, CO
Why: My husband (fiance then) and I went to visit my bro in law in CO and they live near Nederland, a super small town that celebrate the "Frozen Dead Guy Days." Gist of the story is that in 1989 this Norwegian guy brought his dead grandpa to the US and got his body cryogenically frozen. During the grandson's and his mom's plan to build a cryonics facility the grandson overstayed his visa and got deported back to Norway in 1993. His mom, however, kept her father's body frozen in a shack right behind her house keeping him frozen. She was faced with eviction and told a local reporter about her problem being that she doesn't want her father's body to thaw out. The city made an exception for her and built the frozen old man an even better shed for him to rest in. And since 2002 the town celebrates every March their interesting resident. I just had to get the T-shirt.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ben, Raleigh, NC

Who: Ben
What: cotton/poly blend, size M
When: '07
Where: a gift from my wife-she got it at Brooklyn Industries
Why: She said she got it for me because 1.)I play mandolin, 2.)it's a cool t-shirt, but they didn't have it in a large, only a medium, so it was motivation for me to loose weight. She literally said, if you like this shirt, you have to loose 30 lbs...and, I did. It's not fitting perfectly yet, it's still a little tight, it's as close to a spandex shirt as I have--but, I like it. It's just very obvious when it's cold outside.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scott, Rexburg, ID

Who: Scott
What: cotton
When: summer 2003
Where: thrift store in Boise, Idaho
Why: I originally bought this shirt because it was both the most ridiculous and funniest shirt I have ever seen. It also contradictory to myself considering I have a full head of hair, and I was in high school when I bought it. I wore this shirt all the time after I bought it. Due to the anxiety this shirt causes my wife, I don't wear it anymore. She really hates it. She has threatened to throw it away if I ever got a speeding ticket. I've gotten two, but the shirt is still around. It's wrinkled in the picture because she hid it from me and only let me take it out for this project. I'm wearing it right now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Margie, Salt Lake City, UT

Who: Margie, 26
What: cotton, child's size
When: 6 years ago
Where: inherited from a roommate, who got it from a thrift store
Why: I like it because it makes me feel like I'm a softball team. And, it has a BP for Brad Palmer (my brother-in-law).
I wear it to baseball games, so people think I'm legit--"oh, she's wearing a baseball shirt, she probably knows what she's talking about. She's in the league".
I like the cut, which is weird, as it's cut for a child. I guess I have a child's figure.
This shirt is timeless. It's just one of those timeless, classical pieces.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Annie, Chino, CA

Who: Annie, 27
What: 100% cotton, child's large
When: year and a half ago, previously owned
Where: from her sister's house, in a bag bound for a thrift store
Why: This is a t-shirt from an Appel family reunion in Reno, and, my sister Silvia was throwing it away, but, I saved it. I actually don't remember the reunion much, but, I like that it has my last name on it. Like we have family pride, like we're on a softball team. The only thing I remember about the reunion is all the kids getting a bag of candy. It was at a big hotel that I thought was really fancy. As I've gotten older, and realized that it was in Reno, I've started to think that maybe it wasn't that fancy. I try to wear it to family functions--I really should make one for the whole family.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

WINNER--And the Fireworks Go POW-POW

The lucky winner of a t-shirt from the amazing Threadless, is Carrie Lynn:

Hey! Looks like I have all four entries. Because:
A)I'm a follower
B) Beat Hope is by far my favorite tshirt on here
C) I linked this up on facebook and
D) Consider it blogged.

Congratulations Carrie, on this high honor. Email me at, and we'll get those prize wheels turning.

Thank you, thank you, everyone who submitted. I wish I could give you all t-shirts, and someday I will. Matching t-shirts. That we all wear on a designated day.

Actually, I enjoyed this giveaway so much, I think I may just do another one in the near, near future.

Congratulations, Carrie, and thanks again, everyone.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

James, Chino, CA

Who: James, 32
What: 100% African cotton, very soft
When: a week ago
Where: Puma store, NYC
Why: I got it to celebrate Ghana getting past the first round in the World Cup (I bought it before they were eliminated)--even though they beat USA. If we were going to loose to anyone, I'm glad it was them.
His 11 year old daughter, upon close inspection of the t-shirt: It looks cool.

Hey all, today is the last day to enter in the GIVEAWAY THAT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
Enter below.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taylor, Chino, CA

Who: Taylor, 11
What: 100% cotton, yellow
When: about a month ago
Where: Nordstrom
Why: I got it because it has a cute girl, and she's holding a hamburger. And she's wearing french fries. And, also, because I was hungry.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lindsey, Idaho Falls, ID

Who: Lindsey, 30
What: cotton, threadbare, yellow-ish
When: 2003
Where: Springville, UT (gifted)
Why: I briefly dated a guy who was from Springville. Years before he found this shirt at the Deseret Industries there and bought it, hoping to one day be able to gift it to someone from Idaho. I have worn it at least once a week for the last seven years...although now it's so see-through I can only wear it to bed.

**Remember to submit for the Threadless giveaway. The last day for submissions is Wednesday.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Annie, Raleigh, NC

Who: Annie
What: gray, cotton/poly blend
When: during a visit to Brooklyn, November of last year
Where: Brooklyn Industries
Why: I got it because I miss living in Brooklyn, and this shirt encapsulates Brooklyn. I miss friends and good food and being in a place that's the center of everything. It's a once in a lifetime experience--now, if I were to go back, I think I'd go absolutely berserk. I mean, I'm really glad I had the experience, but, I wouldn't want to live there with three kids. That would just be...hard.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Give-a-way, Give-a-way

I've been debating about the best day to host this giveaway of giveaways. Monday, when the week is new? Friday, when the week is done? Then, I realized, when's the best time for giveaways?


Comment with your favorite t-shirt from the project, and you'll be entered to win a t-shirt of your choosing from Threadless, a endless resource for awesome t-shirts.

Become a follower of The T-shirt Project, and you get another entry in the giveaway.

Want to link the giveaway on your facebook page? Get another entry in the t-shirt sweepstakes of your dreams.

Want to blog about it on your own blog? guessed it, yet another entry.

Four, 4 chances to win*. So, gather your resources, gird your loins, and let's ALL WEAR T-SHIRTS.

I will pick a winner Wednesday night, so get your entries in before then. I will announce the winner Thursday, July 22.

*Please note in your comment how many entries you are entitled to. Honor system, pals.

p.s. is it freaking anyone else out to see the header image repeated twice?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rachel, Upland, CA

Who: Rachel
What: white, cotton/poly, custom made
When: Summer 2000
Where: one of a kind promotional shirt for a veterinary clinic I was working for at the time in Pomona, CA
Why: I was a receptionist at a veterinary clinic that each year would host a group of veterinary technician students from Japan. At the end of the tour and demonstrations our techs would ask if anyone wanted to try giving an injection to one of the animals. In return they would receive a complimentary shirt to take home to show off to their, no doubt, super impressed friends and family. In the brainstorming session we had beforehand to decide what to put on the shirt I came up with "I shot a dog at General Pet Hospital". That was immediately rejected and instead we made shirts that said, "I gave it a shot at General Pet Hospital". Lame. The office manager made me this shirt to make up for the fact that I worked with a bunch of stiffs with no sense of humor. I sometimes wear it to the gym and get questionable looks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ben, Raleigh, NC

Who: Ben
What: cotton
When: Christmas, 0h-9
Where: a gift from brother-in-law, Dave
Why: Dave knows I'm a big fan of Flight of the Concords, and I like wearing shirts that not everybody gets. Which, I think, means that---I don't know. I think it means that I think about what people think when I put clothes on...and I'm looking for a little attention. Some people get it, and say they love it, but, I'm more amused when people come up to me and say (in the appropriate voice), "'cause it's Wednesday". I don't know if they make it, but I'd like an "Albee, the Racist Dragon" t-shirt. If I were to make it, it would look like this one, but it would say, "Take your hand off my tail. You'll make it dirty".

Monday, July 12, 2010

Liesl, Eugene, OR

Who: Liesl, 24,
What: kelly green, 100% cotton
When: 2009
Why: Few and far between are the people who "get" this shirt without some sort of explanation. It's the perfect blend of nerd - video game and art history. I can tell what kind of person someone is by what question they they have to ask.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Valerie, Brooklyn, NY--on Twilight

Who: Valerie
What: cotton/poly blend, size L, burnout tee
When: last month
Where: Coup
Why: For both New Moon and Eclipse I've traveled to see my pal, and fellow Twilight enthusiast, Annie, in North Carolina. We go to dinner, we meet up with friends, and, importantly, we wear Twilight themed t-shirts. The hard part is choosing one. I saw this one months ago; the woman who designed it said she wanted to make it feel like an old Sex Pistol's poster, and it states, "I drink your blood" in French. It, somehow, perfectly encapsulates my feeling about the Twilight movies which are deep...and complicated. It's smart, cool, a little inside, and totally cheeky. Everyone who saw it laughed and nodded approvingly. And, seriously, what's the point of going to a midnight premiere and not bothering to dress up?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twilight is like soccer

Twilight is like soccer. They run around for two hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just don't understand.
-Eric Embree

Friday, July 2, 2010

Andy, Brooklyn, NY

Who: Andy, 31
What: red cotton
When: a few summers ago
Where: a gift from my sister
Why: My sister also got one of these for my dad, my brother, and her husband, because we're all crazy conservatives. I don't see her husband very often, they live across the country, but it seems that every time I do he's wearing this t-shirt. I don't wear this often because it bleeds onto my undershirt. Which I like. Because I bleed red.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sam, Brooklyn, NY

Who: Sam
Where: photographed at The Bell House, Brooklyn
When: photographed June 9th
Why: This one of my favorite albums of all time. I couldn't get into Dark Side of the Moon, but, I liked this. There are only 5 tracks, but, what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd.