Thursday, July 15, 2010

Give-a-way, Give-a-way

I've been debating about the best day to host this giveaway of giveaways. Monday, when the week is new? Friday, when the week is done? Then, I realized, when's the best time for giveaways?


Comment with your favorite t-shirt from the project, and you'll be entered to win a t-shirt of your choosing from Threadless, a endless resource for awesome t-shirts.

Become a follower of The T-shirt Project, and you get another entry in the giveaway.

Want to link the giveaway on your facebook page? Get another entry in the t-shirt sweepstakes of your dreams.

Want to blog about it on your own blog? guessed it, yet another entry.

Four, 4 chances to win*. So, gather your resources, gird your loins, and let's ALL WEAR T-SHIRTS.

I will pick a winner Wednesday night, so get your entries in before then. I will announce the winner Thursday, July 22.

*Please note in your comment how many entries you are entitled to. Honor system, pals.

p.s. is it freaking anyone else out to see the header image repeated twice?


lindsey said...

Hey! Give me three entries...I'm a follower, I posted it on Facebook and there are WAY too many good t-shirts on Threadless to choose a favorite but I'm going to have to say that their 'hoodsies' are the CUTEST. I like the "Robots Only Come Out At Night" a ton.

annie said...

My fave t-shirt on the project so far is your Twilight tee. It's just fanfreakingtastic.
Put me down for 4. I will be blogging and linking shortly and I am a devoted follower.

DangGina said...

My faves are between the "I'm a keeper" tee, and the Scotland Homecoming Run tee. For realsies.

DangGina said...

Also, I follow...

skumar said...

My favorite is the "Im a Keeper" tee - I want to meet that guy!
Mark me down for 3 - I don't have a blog.

Carrie Lynn said...

Hey! Looks like I have all four entries. Because:
A)I'm a follower
B) Beat Hope is by far my favorite tshirt on here
C) I linked this up on facebook and
D) Consider it blogged.

Star Child said...

I get three entries! I am now following it, I posted it on my facebook page, and I love the Edward shirt that says in French, "I drink your blood."

alyssa said...

i get 4 entries!!! followed the blog, my fave T from the project is the procrastinating one, it does make you think either positively or negatively! facebooked it and i'm bloggin about the giveaway right now!!

Jaggers Brain said...

I now follow and my favorite is the imprinting twilight tee, I still giggle everytime I think of it! I also have shared the blog with others, but I don' think that counts!

Brooke said...

Gimme all 4! (plus whatever bonus entries you want to throw in there) I've been reading this from the start, but am now an official follower. I still love Beat Hope the best because it was the start of this t-shirt journey, and I know James, so I can just see it all going down. My facebook friends are now pleased that I've shared this link, and I will be blogging about it ... in the next half hour.
Oh, and I'm also loving/hating Annie's "half vampire" tee. I'm not sure how I feel, but it's definitely something!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the Business Socks shirt is my favorite. Flight of the Conchords FTW!

(x2 because I'm a loyal follower...)

Shinae said...
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Shinae said...
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Shinae said...

This is just great! I'm an avid twilight fan and love them all. However, my all time fave is the procrastination it! :)


4 entries. :)

Katie said...

Sick shop!!! I love all of their tees...i am such a tee girl, and i love funny and unique new ones!
But how am i to choose one favourite when they are all haha
Monkey business
Off the reservoir
Zombie at tiffany’s
Use your brain

would be my top 5, i hope i will be able to choose if i am to win^^

teresa p said...

My favorite is the Ronald Reagan tee. I'm a huge t-shirt lover. I'll have to send you a pic.

Shiloh said...

team jet pack is my favorite tee, maybe because I have one and I know where that tee has been.

also, I facebooked, blogged, and followed. thats 4.

Amberbop said...

I get 2 entries and duh - Half Vampire firsties, but "Beat Hope" was a close second.

lavendergrl said...

Can I have three? I'm following, I did a blog on your blog on back when you first started, and I'm promoting you on FB. Doncha feel luved? Ya should, gal.

Marta said...

I get one, because I love the Flight of the Concords shirt. Funniest show ever. Or, at least, top 10.

DanCrowley said...
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DanCrowley said...

I love the Idaho one, because, not being from the US of A, I just don't get it. There's a fun-factor associated with confusion... right?!

Love this blog. Love it.

janelle said...

What's my favorite? VILF, Valerie. Please.

(I was really tired.)