Friday, July 23, 2010

Annie, Chino, CA

Who: Annie, 27
What: 100% cotton, child's large
When: year and a half ago, previously owned
Where: from her sister's house, in a bag bound for a thrift store
Why: This is a t-shirt from an Appel family reunion in Reno, and, my sister Silvia was throwing it away, but, I saved it. I actually don't remember the reunion much, but, I like that it has my last name on it. Like we have family pride, like we're on a softball team. The only thing I remember about the reunion is all the kids getting a bag of candy. It was at a big hotel that I thought was really fancy. As I've gotten older, and realized that it was in Reno, I've started to think that maybe it wasn't that fancy. I try to wear it to family functions--I really should make one for the whole family.


Guy Mayhem said...

Silvia was crazy to throw out this gem. It is fantastic. I do wish I had one. I especially love how the word 'family' is so small.

Annie said...

yes, I've finally made it. APPEL 4 Life!