Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rachel, Upland, CA

Who: Rachel
What: white, cotton/poly, custom made
When: Summer 2000
Where: one of a kind promotional shirt for a veterinary clinic I was working for at the time in Pomona, CA
Why: I was a receptionist at a veterinary clinic that each year would host a group of veterinary technician students from Japan. At the end of the tour and demonstrations our techs would ask if anyone wanted to try giving an injection to one of the animals. In return they would receive a complimentary shirt to take home to show off to their, no doubt, super impressed friends and family. In the brainstorming session we had beforehand to decide what to put on the shirt I came up with "I shot a dog at General Pet Hospital". That was immediately rejected and instead we made shirts that said, "I gave it a shot at General Pet Hospital". Lame. The office manager made me this shirt to make up for the fact that I worked with a bunch of stiffs with no sense of humor. I sometimes wear it to the gym and get questionable looks.

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Guy Mayhem said...

I love it. I hate it when people are so lame about animal killing jokes. They are hilarious. Every time.