Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alyssa, Rexburg, ID

Who: Alyssa
What: 100% cotton
When: 2007
Where: Nederland, CO
Why: My husband (fiance then) and I went to visit my bro in law in CO and they live near Nederland, a super small town that celebrate the "Frozen Dead Guy Days." Gist of the story is that in 1989 this Norwegian guy brought his dead grandpa to the US and got his body cryogenically frozen. During the grandson's and his mom's plan to build a cryonics facility the grandson overstayed his visa and got deported back to Norway in 1993. His mom, however, kept her father's body frozen in a shack right behind her house keeping him frozen. She was faced with eviction and told a local reporter about her problem being that she doesn't want her father's body to thaw out. The city made an exception for her and built the frozen old man an even better shed for him to rest in. And since 2002 the town celebrates every March their interesting resident. I just had to get the T-shirt.


Mike Laughead said...

Best shirt story yet.

Guy Mayhem said...

That is crazy. I agree. The best shirt story thus far.