Thursday, July 22, 2010

WINNER--And the Fireworks Go POW-POW

The lucky winner of a t-shirt from the amazing Threadless, is Carrie Lynn:

Hey! Looks like I have all four entries. Because:
A)I'm a follower
B) Beat Hope is by far my favorite tshirt on here
C) I linked this up on facebook and
D) Consider it blogged.

Congratulations Carrie, on this high honor. Email me at, and we'll get those prize wheels turning.

Thank you, thank you, everyone who submitted. I wish I could give you all t-shirts, and someday I will. Matching t-shirts. That we all wear on a designated day.

Actually, I enjoyed this giveaway so much, I think I may just do another one in the near, near future.

Congratulations, Carrie, and thanks again, everyone.


Rachel said...

I blogged about it then I COMPLETELY forgot to tell you. Curse.

Well, hooray for Carri, I guess.

As you are probably well aware, I would be completely down with wearing matching t-shirts.

annie said...

ugh. i was certain i rigged this contest in my favor.
someone rigged my rig.
hats off to you, "Carrie", if that's really your name.
until next time...

Carrie Lynn said...

I'm so excited! I was looking on the threadless website for like an hour after I entered and thought: this is the coolest website ever.

I might not be cool enough to dress in such coolness. But it's free- so I'll give it a whirl.

Brooke said...

Hmm. Seems like Carrie herself even feels like she's undeserving. that free t-shirt better not become just another car wash tee. This stuff's gotta be APPRECIATED!
I really think we do all need matching tshirts. But, I'm not wearin' Edward.

Carrie Lynn said...

Brooke: rest easy. The shirt I picked is slammin. It will NEVER be worn to wash the car! No, it's definitely a t-shirt to be worn under a cardigan, a long necklace, and with skinny jeans and heels. We're classy where I come from.