Friday, April 8, 2011


The T-Shirt Project is taking a brief hiatus. Think of this, not as a sad time, but as a time for quiet reflection upon your own t-shirt collection.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tyson, A "Favorite T-Shirt" T-Shirt, and a Message for us All

Who: Tyson, 30
What: 25% rayon, 25% cotton, 50% poly
When: 2008
Why: I wanted a shirt that was over-the-top weird to wear to at a super preppy job. This was kind of a backlash against the preppy-ness. It was the kind of job where wearing stuff like this was frowned upon. I had friends visit me at work one day when I was wearing this shirt and my friend Mike asked, "What are you wearing?"-they were vaguely weirded out.
I was told not to wear it at meetings, which made it even more perfect; that it upset someone enough to say something to me.
I think it might glow in the dark, actually.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Van, a "My Favorite T-Shirt" T-Shirt

Who: Van, 2
What: cotton
When: about two months before he was born
Where: Rexburg, ID Deseret Industries, via Valerie
Why: Well, sometimes at a baby shower, you get things like footed pjs and babywash and things with baby animals and ducks on it. Well, my dad said that a little boy wouldn't wear stuff with baby animals on it because that's lame. He didn't say anything about awesome big horses in lightning though. Because who wouldn't want their son to look this cool. The great thing about this shirt is that all it needs with it is a diaper, and maybe a tractor.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sarah, "Monster face for Spring", Somewhere in England, England

Who: Sarah
What: t-shirt
When: last spring
Where: H&M in Las Vegas
Why: This little gem is the shirt I chose on the first sunny day in England! I bought it for two reasons . . . one, it is awesome . . . second, it is really soft. I get a lot of confused faces with this shirt. They're not quite sure what it is. Just this past week this emo NED (non-educated delinquent) told me I had something on my boob. The t-shirt makes for some interesting conversations. Everyone says this shirt is very me . . . but I'm not quite sure how to take that. Am I a monster? I can be cheeky . . . but really . . . a monster?
Yay for Spring!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marcus, A "My Favorite T-Shirt", Chino, CA

Who: Marcus
What: cotton
When: photographed Dec. 31, 2010
Where: Chino Hills State Park, Chino Hills, CA

Monday, March 28, 2011

The T-Shirt, a Modern Epic

So, I have this t-shirt.

This particular t-shirt was designed my pal Tyson. Basically (as I understand it), he finished the design, pushed the chair away from his desk, packed up his bags, and headed to Guatemala to see how they make his shirt.

They use a skill saw to cut out the pattern for the t-shirt. The shirts are cut and sewn in the same factory that does the screen printing.

The new t-shirts wait for the printing.

Coming out of the t-shirt oven where the ink is basically baked on so it won't wash out.

The shirts, en mass, ready for shipment to the distribution center in the U.S. From there, they found their way to the American Eagle store in Times Square, where I picked one up.

There is, however, no information on where they guy gets his pants. Sorry.

For more of Tyson (who can get enough?), go to Keep Your Face Radical or The Dirt Nap.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kimmy, Ben, and company, "It Doesn't Get More Poetic than This", Raleigh, NC

Who: Kimmy, Ben, Annie, Janelle, and maybe you
Why: Kimmy's story: I called Annie (sister-in-law) and said I thought we should do a Jimmer shirt for tonight's (last night's) game. We're huge fans, clearly. The idea wasn't anything brainstormed, it just came to me and I asked Annie if we could get Ben (brother) to design this slogan. Annie and I went out and bought navy t-shirts and Ben got to work designing the t-shirt with the Y logo at the top, which looked amazing. It was Janelle's (sister) idea to make it look slightly more retro and to use the old BYU logo with the cougar wearing the cap because from a bit of a distance it looks like a crown. So then Ben redesigned. So, the idea was mine, Ben's design, Annie's labor, Janelle's input: a team effort. Not unlike the BYU Cougar basketball team themselves.

Ben's story: This was Kimmy's brain child. I'm just the hired gun. She was worried that she had the idea too late and that we wouldn't have time to make them. But, I actually think they are the perfect take away shirt from this season, no matter what. It's a poetic salutation for the most memorable BYU basketball season in history. 'Carry on', 'Party on', and now 'Jimmer on'.

Need one yourself? Me too. $10. Send all inquires to