Friday, July 9, 2010

Valerie, Brooklyn, NY--on Twilight

Who: Valerie
What: cotton/poly blend, size L, burnout tee
When: last month
Where: Coup
Why: For both New Moon and Eclipse I've traveled to see my pal, and fellow Twilight enthusiast, Annie, in North Carolina. We go to dinner, we meet up with friends, and, importantly, we wear Twilight themed t-shirts. The hard part is choosing one. I saw this one months ago; the woman who designed it said she wanted to make it feel like an old Sex Pistol's poster, and it states, "I drink your blood" in French. It, somehow, perfectly encapsulates my feeling about the Twilight movies which are deep...and complicated. It's smart, cool, a little inside, and totally cheeky. Everyone who saw it laughed and nodded approvingly. And, seriously, what's the point of going to a midnight premiere and not bothering to dress up?


annie said...

it's a winner.
for sure.

Melissa Taylor said...

this is my vote. i love it. wish i was wearing it when i went to the midnight showing. you have excellent taste in t-shirts. (you can give me three entries now. or just give me this shirt... whichever.)