Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Valerie, Brooklyn, NY

Who: Valerie
What: 100% cotton, size M
When: Christmas 2009
Where: gift from James
Why: ...the Olympics. How do I begin talking about my feelings about the Olympics? I'll start with the shirt. James got it for me in preparation of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Love isn't the right word for how I feel about the games. Adore, maybe? Live for, possibly? I turn into an Olympic watching machine during those 17 days. We get cable specifically for the Olympics, then get rid of it after (well, usually a couple of months after--I get really sad when they're over and I need a few months of The Golden Girls to ease me back into regular life).
I wore the t-shirt to an opening ceremonies party, then the following day, and pretty much every day after that for 17 days. I think I washed it a couple of times. It makes me feel like an Olympian, and, in my heart, I am.
645 days to go till London.

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