Thursday, October 21, 2010

James, Brooklyn, NY

Who: James, 31
What: cotton
When: fall, 2001
Where: Deseret Industries, Provo, UT
Why: I got this on a trip down to Provo while I was going to school in Idaho. I didn't have many friends in Idaho, so, I was went down to Utah often--every other weekend. I always went to DI. I got this t-shirt because I thought it was funny, because I didn't have a daughter. And, even if I did, she couldn't possibly be old enough to be on a cheerleading squad. Also, it was from Carbon County, Utah, which was the most rat hole county in all of Utah. It's full of miners and awesome t-shirt, apparently. Truthfully, I wear it as an undershirt more than as a regular t-shirt--the blue sets off my eyes.

1 comment:

annie said...

full of minors, or miners?
one is a little more intriguing than the other, but both could accurately describe the "rat hole county".