Tuesday, October 19, 2010

James, Brooklyn, NY

Who: James, 31
What: cotton, probably
When: it was floating around our house for a while
Where: maybe from the actual festival
Why: We would go to this festival every year in Battle Creek, MI. It's a balloon festival, Freedom Aloft. I don't know, we went because it was cool to see giant animal shaped balloons. I always used to picture them flying away in the distance, across the country. But, I found out later that they land every night--they don't make it very far. I was kind of disillusioned with balloons after that. It seemed so romantic to fly into the night on your giant balloon. It made me want to own a big balloon. I don't really want to any more. I wear the t-shirt--it's like one of my only Michigan shirts--and yellow's my favorite color. It's good memories.

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