Friday, June 25, 2010

Valerie, Brooklyn, NY 3-for-Friday

Who: Valerie
What: gray, cotton, size small
When: April 2010
Where: from Ben and Annie, in North Carolina
Why: I ran a 5K for brain cancer research for Duke Medical Center. I ran it with Ben and Annie on behalf of their daughter Lila, who, at 3 months, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She's happily in remission, and 'Lila and the Brainiacs' was our team name for the 5K. The back of this t-shirt reads like a concert shirt, listing Lila's cancer milestones. And, I'll tell you what, this t-shirt is always going to win for "most emotionally compelling race shirt", so, don't even try to top it.
Who: Valerie
What: white, cotton, size small
When: January, 2009
Where: New York Road Runners office, Upper East Side
Why: I got this for the Manhattan 1/2 marathon, which, to be honest, I didn't run. I woke up on the day of the race, and it was 8 degrees, and I just put my foot down. But, it's a good shirt. Long sleeved, but light. So, I still wear it. It gets a little awkward when people ask me about the race. I just try to keep it vague.
Who: Valerie
What: 100% poly (technical tee)
When: May, 2010
Where: Woodstock, NY
Why: I, along with 12 teammates, ran the New York Ragnar Relay in May. My teammate, Elizabeth, modeled our team t-shirt, and this is the official race tee. This race was so singular, it was like nothing I'd ever run before. I loved each of my runs, I loved pacing my teammates in the middle of the night, and I loved my last 7.5 hard miles. I loved it enough to be wistfully sad when I'd finished all my miles. I can't wait to do it again.

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