Monday, June 28, 2010

Christy, Brooklyn, NY

Who: Christy
What: cotton, child's size medium
When: almost 2 years ago, when we moved to New York
Where: a gift
Why: This was my friend Lauren's shirt. She wore it all the time, and I admired it. She went though her closet and gave me a ton of clothes. I like it because I can't decide if the message is positive or negative. Like, maybe procrastinators are leaders of tomorrow because they're not going to burn out today...or because they're just never going to become leaders. People respond to it, they mostly just laugh. It's the perfect grad school shirt--if there's one thing grad students are good at, it's procrastinating. I wear it on days when I feel like I should work harder, but I also feel a little snarky at the world. Or, on days, like today, when it's just a clean shirt.

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