Thursday, June 24, 2010

James, Chino, CA

Who: James, 32
What: cotton, size medium
When: August 2008
Where: Camp Pendelton Marine Base
Why: I got it for competing in the Swift Intruders Spring Triathlon. This was my 2nd triathlon. It was easier than my 1st. The bike and the run were easier because the scenery was more interesting--tanks, hovercrafts, and other large military vehicles. The swim was an ocean swim with a beach start, and there were some pretty big waves, so, it was a tough start.
It's a good race because they order all the Marines to be volunteers, so there are 200 Marines yelling at you like drill sergeants as you run. It's pretty cool.
This race was better than my first. My first race I was beaten by a guy with one leg.
Although, he only had one leg to get tired, while I have 2. So, I feel like he had the advantage.

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Guy Mayhem said...

The best part is the marines. That sounds hilarious. I wonder what would happen if I started crying in front of them.