Wednesday, June 23, 2010

James, Brooklyn, NY

Who: James, 31
What: cotton, size M
When: 2009
Where: at the Scotland 10K in Central Park
Why: Somebody wanted me to run this really long race. It was the longest race I'd ever run. The thing I should have kept from this race was the Scotland poncho they gave us, because it rained the whole time. But, there was something kinda fun and unifying about running in the rain with everyone else. Everyone kept making the same joke, "I guess this feels more like Scotland".
I kinda dug running in the rain. It made the run more unique. By the end I remember my shoes being heavier; they kinda felt like weights.
This t-shirt has shrunk, and I almost never wear it. It shows a little mid-drift. Maybe I'll only wear it when it rains.

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lindsey said...

Ahhh...Scotland. Everything is better when it's involved.