Monday, March 28, 2011

The T-Shirt, a Modern Epic

So, I have this t-shirt.

This particular t-shirt was designed my pal Tyson. Basically (as I understand it), he finished the design, pushed the chair away from his desk, packed up his bags, and headed to Guatemala to see how they make his shirt.

They use a skill saw to cut out the pattern for the t-shirt. The shirts are cut and sewn in the same factory that does the screen printing.

The new t-shirts wait for the printing.

Coming out of the t-shirt oven where the ink is basically baked on so it won't wash out.

The shirts, en mass, ready for shipment to the distribution center in the U.S. From there, they found their way to the American Eagle store in Times Square, where I picked one up.

There is, however, no information on where they guy gets his pants. Sorry.

For more of Tyson (who can get enough?), go to Keep Your Face Radical or The Dirt Nap.


mama.laughead said...

This is super awesome. Thanks for putting this up.

annie said...

this is fantastic.
when we get our Jimmer shirts, i can show the process of opening the box and taking out the shirts if you'd like.

silvia said...

Sadie is really into watching old mr. rodgers videos. you know, the ones where they show how they make things like construction paper. this is just like that.