Friday, December 3, 2010

Sarah, Jesse, Kathleen, and Annie, Jolly Ole England, England

Who: (in order) Annie, Jesse, Sarah, and Kathleen
What: cotton. all of it.
When: during undergraduate schooling
Where: Brigham Young University-Idaho, in Rexburg, ID
Why: A while ago you asked for anyone who still had a BYU-Idaho gym shirt. Well, it's taken me forever to gather all of our shirts and take pictures of them, but all of us studying here in jolly ol' England are still remembering our educational roots! Sometimes it is worn to the gym, but mostly it is worn on laundry days or for times "studying" in the house. (Those times are when we , the girls, are really imagining ourselves in the Austin/Bronte era). Jesse has worn it when he is at boxing club as well.

*to read about their adventures in learning British, go here.

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