Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brooke, Idaho Falls, ID

Who: Brooke, 28
What: 80% pre-shrunk cotton, 20% polyester
When: 2000-2007
Where: BYU-Idaho
Why: I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet has this shirt, and I'm kind of surprised it hasn't already been done. I went to college for 7 years, so, I have three of them. They were required in order to use any of the school's athletic facilities. So, mostly, I needed three so I could sneak my non-student friends into the racquetball courts to play wallyball. The number 7 on the front means this one's a medium.

How many of you still have this t-shirt? Send it in. No story, just the photo of you in the shirt.


Ashley and Drue said...

you'll never believe this but it's the truth- I have NEVER owned one of these shirts. And I went for 4.5 years!

Rachel said...

This is a true story: The other day I saw a Tunisian wearing this shirt.