Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brooke, Idaho Falls, ID

Who: Brooke, 28
What: 100% cotton
When: 2003-ish
Where: Target, Idaho Falls
Why: In college, I used to wear this under a sweater to the testing center. I was good friends with one of my professors and she saw me wearing it. She demanded that I let her borrow it for the next day when she had several pre-finals-week appointments with high-strung freshman. she also wore it under a sweater and she said it made her feel better, just knowing it was there. I also tried to wear this to help a friend move. She immediately made me go change because her mother-in-law was coming and would have freaked out. This made me want to keep it on, but, I caved and changed.


Amberbop said...


lynandsky said...

What a randomly interesting blog...I like it

Brooke said...

this blog has made me all-too aware of the mole on my neck. I don't think I'd ever noticed it before.