Friday, September 17, 2010

Van, Sacramento, CA

Who: Van, 2
What: cotton
When: about two months before he was born
Where: Rexburg, ID Deseret Industries, via Valerie
Why: Well, sometimes at a baby shower, you get things like footed pjs and babywash and things with baby animals and ducks on it. Well, my dad said that a little boy wouldn't wear stuff with baby animals on it because that's lame. He didn't say anything about awesome big horses in lightning though. Because who wouldn't want their son to look this cool. The great thing about this shirt is that all it needs with it is a diaper, and maybe a tractor.

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Dad Risser said...

You keep starting these interesting little blogs, then they stop and you go somewhere else and do it over again. It's like tossing gold dust into the wind. All that value gets lost.