Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sarah, Queens, NY

Who: Sarah
What: cotton/poly
When: may 2010
Where: thrift store in Queens
Why: I got this t-shirt and one for my friend Molly, based on an inside joke. Baby Whales Drink Milk is our made-up emo band. It started when Molly was in a play called The Language of Trees. Someone gave her a cast gift called Trees Are Our Friends. There was a list of other titles by the same author including, chillingly, Sponges are Skeletons (which you would read to your children if you never wanted them to take another bath again), and, famously, Baby Whales Drink Milk-which we thought sounded like a band. So, I made the t-shirts, and googled weird place names for our tour dates. I've actually gotten more compliments on this t-shirt than any other shirt I own.

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AMcMcJ said...

Love this tee shirt. And I love the girl wearing it. Sarah's Mom