Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sarah, Queens, NY

Who: Sarah
What: 100% cotton, size L
When: when was hurricane Katrina, 2005?
Where: a gift
Why: My friend Molly is from New Orleans. After Katrina, her sister sent her one and I liked it so much her sister, Julie, sent one for me too. A lot of people really responded to it. I got it a bit after, when a lot of the information about how poorly things were handled started coming in, when a lot of the backlash had started. It got pretty universal acclaim, and still, really, because, sadly, it's still an issue. Molly was in her first year of graduate school at Columbia, and she was, understandably, really upset. So, I wore it as support. I don't usually wear political t-shirts, but, this sentiment was something I genuinely believed.

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lindsey said...

This is awesome. One of my favorites.