Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jeff, Harlem, NY

Who: Jeff, 26
What: 100% cotton, size med
When: Summer 2007
Where: Playmill Christmas, a gift
Why: In the play we did that summer, Footloose, I had a very unique way of dancing--I can't dance. When I dance it looks like a series of small seizures. They always put me in the front, because they thought it was funny. So, Eliza gave me this shirt with a DVD of all the cast members dancing like me. I was a little self-conscious, but, it's hilarious. From time to time I still watch it. there are clips of me dancing, but, I skip those.
My first day of grad school (MFA in Acting, New School), we had to do a boring monologue, and I wrote mine about my day. I talked about debating wearing my Mr. Intensity t-shirt, "I thought to myself, I don't feel intense today" Everyone died laughing. One of the directors said, "that is an effing awesome t-shirt".

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DangGina said...

I kind of love this story.