Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Craig, Ann Arbor, MI

Who: Craig, 24
What: 100% cotton, size large
When: Fall 2009
Where: Nu-Way thrift store, Kalamazoo, MI
Why: I believe this shirt was a product of some insurance group, but my heart tells me that it is the incessant need for more births in the greater Kalamazoo area in '83. I've only had one memorable remark on it, which was, "sooooo?". I decided in that moment that this is where I can choose what my billion variable was. I was excited, and as this all came to mind in that fraction of a moment, I was too befuddled with what to say that I just kept walking. I have since thought up a few responses in case this situation happens again:
1.) Milli Vanilla fans (even though they started in 1988)
2.) Rhode Island dog sled aficionados
3.) People who really love Tom Hanks
4.) Peanuts inside peanut butter

1 comment:

Guy Mayhem said...

I want a billion peanut peanut butter. Let's shoot for that. I do like the Milli Vanilli confusion, too. It's a good way to test dumb people.