Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tyson, Brooklyn, NY

Who: Tyson, 30
What: 25% rayon, 25% cotton, 50% poly
When: 2008
Why: I wanted a shirt that was over-the-top weird to wear to at a super preppy job. This was kind of a backlash against the preppy-ness. It was the kind of job where wearing stuff like this was frowned upon. I had friends visit me at work one day when I was wearing this shirt and my friend Mike asked, "What are you wearing?"-they were vaguely weirded out.
I was told not to wear it at meetings, which made it even more perfect; that it upset someone enough to say something to me.
I think it might glow in the dark, actually.


Mike Laughead said...

That shirt still makes me feel uncomfortable in a soothing way. I'm glad you could shake things up at work there.

Guy Mayhem said...

I like that in the end a t-shirt is what shakes up the establishment. Take that, "The Man".

Shiloh said...

tyson is weird, why are we friends with him???? oh ya, because he's weird.