Monday, June 7, 2010

James, Brooklyn, NY

Who: James, 31
What: cotton, navy blue with orange text
When: appropriated from younger brother, Craig
Where: Craig's room, Kalamazoo, MI
Why: Craig has been stealing my clothes for years. Years. Once, when I was home from college for Christmas, I walked into his room and saw this shirt. I decided that this would be the first, of many, that I'd steal back. The shirt's significance is a little unclear, unless you're from Michigan. There are these two Christian colleges, Hope and Calvin. There is a rivalry. Obviously, this shirt originated from Calvin College. In Michigan, people generally know what it means, outside of MI-totally ambiguous. This was no big deal until the start of Obama's campaign. I was once stopped in Park Slope (5th ave and 9th St) and asked if it was an anti-Obama shirt. I was also stopped on 5th Ave and 7th St (outside a bar called Jackie's 5th Amendment) by some creepy drunk guy who asked me, "Who's Hope? I'll beat'er." Despite this, I still wear the shirt.


annie said...

I feel like this whole blog could just be James shirts. He has some real gems.

Guy Mayhem said...

That dude is hilarious. I like him. Every picture SHOULD be of his t-shirts.

Susanna said...

Agreed. Poor hope doesn't stand a chance.

GhostMane said...

Once I beat Hope at a lumberjack contest. It was '88, and the event the log pull. She even tried to cheat by wearing Ultralite Ice Climbing Crampons. Cheaters never prosper and Hope alone was not enough to beat me. Lumberjack champion 1988.

Dream big or go home!!

Valerie said...

Annie: That's how the idea started. Ah, the past.

James: (ignore)

Susanna: Give hope a try.

GhostMane: A lesson for the kids.

gk risser said...

Keep hope alive

Valerie said...

Keep up the good fight, GK.

Shiloh said...

in all the time I have known James, and have seen him wear this shirt many times, I never asked what it meant, though I wondered many times. good to know.