Friday, March 18, 2011

Terrah, "She's got the luck of the Irish...kinda", Canada

Who: Terrah
What: 100% cotton, made in El Salvador, with US parts
When: March 17, 2007
Where: Manhattan, New York, during the St. Patrick's Day parade
Why: I thought this shirt was great ever since Sarah McDermott wore it back from a trip from NYC in college. Sarah's shirt was white with green lettering, and I wanted to be different (but the same). I happened to be visiting an old friend in Queens over St. Patrick's Day 2007. I told my friend about the aforementioned shirt, and we made it a goal to find one for each of us. Logic would dictate that a New York shamrock shirt would be easy to find on St. Patrick's Day in NYC, but the shirt was everything but ubiquitous. We scoured every boutique, Bohemian dive, tourist trap and novelty shop surrounding Central Park, and we finally found the shirt. In my last-ditch effort to be cool like Sarah McDermott and festive like all the drunks at the parade, I forked out about $20.00 for my new garb. It was worth it, though, because 4 years later, my 100% cotton shamrock smock doesn't have a single hole, stain, or embedded smell. Success? I think so.

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