Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Danny,"His other car is a Delorean", Portland, OR (formerly Arizona)

Who: Danny
What: cotton, black
When: whenever
Where: gift, from a video store in Portland, OR
Why: Dan received this shirt from his brother Zack. He picked it up at a video store in Portland, Oregon on sale for $5.00. He immediately thought of Dan who is a big, big, big fan of the Back to the Future trilogy. I think we can safely say that Dan has watched these three movies more than any other human or non-human being on the planet. The video tapes and now DVDs have been his main Christmas gift every year since the movie first came out in the mid-80s. He doesn't wear the t-shirt as much in Arizona because it is black, and it's too hot to wear black most of the time. It is still a very nice gift from his little brother.

And now, a photo essay:

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