Monday, January 17, 2011

The T-Shirt Project, 2011

Well, t-shirt wearers, it's no secret that December was a hard month for t-shirts. It's cold, everyone is wearing sweatshirts and long johns and the occasional tuxedo for fancy corporate events. It was a hard month for those of us at the t-shirt project as well (finals, ever finals. graduate school waits for no man [wearing t-shirts]).

But guess what? December is over. January has begun. New York is freezing cold, the Biggest Loser just started the 11th Season, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Orlando Bloom have birthdays this month...the possibilities are just endless.

So send me a t-shirt ( [I know it's a bear, just copy and paste]), become a follower, and let's make 2011 THE YEAR OF THE T-SHIRT [project].

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