Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Valerie "Kelly Kapowski", Brooklyn, NY

Who: Valerie
What: cotton, size med
When: Nov. 2009
Where: delia's in a Raleigh, NC mall (they have a dozen of them, I don't remember which one)
Why: I got this t-shirt during the Twilight Saga New Moon Trip 2009. I go to North Carolina whenever a Twilight movie is released to visit my bff and fellow twilight enthusiast, Annie. She and I happened upon this very special t-shirt during an otherwise uneventful shopping trip. We both gasped like we had just seen Elton John. I mean, we're children of the early 90s, and very dedicated to Saved by the Bell (I very recently watched the Las Vegas episode where Zach and Kelly get married-finally. and Jessie shows up at the last minute all tan and creepy, straight from her career killing turn in Showgirls. fantastic.). I can't imagine a bigger dream come true than actually being a Bayside High Cheerleader*. This t-shirt comes pretty close. Both Annie and I got this t-shirt, and, if hadn't been so busy seeing New Moon 3 times wthin 48 hours, we might even have had time to come up with the choreography to "We're the Bayside Tigers and we're on the prowl...".
Also, when I took this photo this morning, I tried to pretend I had a side ponytail. Can you tell?

*I also dream of being captain of the volleyball team, the swim team, student body president, and in charge of picking out class rings. Just like Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie.


Shiloh said...

thanks for this. also I haven't heard mention of delias since I was perhaps 17. weird

Amberbop said...

I have rarely coveted like I covet now. Go Bayside!