Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dan "Can eat Your Weight in Cheeseburgers", Portland, OR

Who: Dan
What: i'd bet cotton
When: a little while ago
Where: Walmart in Sahuarita, AZ
Why: It should be the Cheeseburger Shirt. Gayle (sister-in-law) found this shirt at Walmart in Sahuarita, Arizona and thought it would be perfect for Dan. It was on sale for $3 and we couldn't pass it up. Dan has been a connoisseur of the cheeseburger all his life. He definitely has his favorite ones picked out through all of his vast traveling. In Oregon, Burgerville offers one of his all time favorites with their most inexpensive small cheeseburger. In his hay-day, Dan could put down 5 or 6 of these tasty treats. He also enjoys Burger King dollar double cheeseburger with fries and white milk. Wendy's makes the ever reliable jr. bacon cheeseburger. We once made an estimate of how many cheeseburgers Dan eats in a year, including his Dad's home grilled ones during the summer months. I can't remember what it was, but it was a lot. Dan has slowed down in recent years, but still loves his three or four outings a week to get his wonderfully yummy burgers with Mom and Dad.


Andy Donkin said...

I could really go for a Burgerville Cheeseburger right now.

Valerie said...

Me too. And those onion rings? Forget it. Let's go pick up Danny and head over.

Shiloh said...

I once handed Dan his Burgerville cheeseburger and he proceeded to repeatedly smash it into the roof of the car. He was annoyed that I (HE) was there, interrupting his once enjoyable burger outing.