Monday, December 20, 2010

Brooke "Doesn't Fit In Either", Idaho Falls, ID

Who: Brooke, 28
What: cotton, medium
When: I know I've had this for as long as I can remember, so probably 2003-ish
Where: JCPenny, men's department, holiday novelty tee table--actually, this one never made it to the table
Why: I worked in the men's department at JCPenny for YEARS (4 or so). Anyone who's worked retail over the holiday knows how exciting that gets. I'd spend hours and hours folding and re-folding t-shirts and wondering why Charlie Brown and the Grinch always got all the attention. Then, we got this on in. I bought it straight from the box. I wanted to by the whole box, but JCPenny didn't pay me enough to afford such a treasure. I've grown up watching this movie and was so excited to see Rudolph and Hermey get a little publicity. Besides, I'm definitely a misfit. Who can't relate to an elf who'd rather be a dentist? Talk about an identity crisis in its purest form.

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