Monday, November 29, 2010

Lizzie "can pull off a half-shirt", Brooklyn, NY

Who: Lizzie, 27 (happy birthday, Lizzie)
What: 100% cotton half-shirt with 100% cotton tank underneath. It's a set.
When: october 20, 2010
Where: Park Slope Ward fall clothing exchange
Why: Um, need you even ask? It's totally awesome. I feel like it's the authentic version of the "I would have been hot in the 80s" t-shirt my sister made for herself. Because when I wear it, I truly feel like I would have been a hottie in the 80s.

Wanna read more about Lizzie? Check her out at the Mother Runner.

1 comment:

lizzie said...

Valerie, you really captured my November nicely in that second picture. From the "Whoops, that's not what I had in mind haircut," to the "I just got 2 hours of sleep and decided to run 10 miles this morning" look on my face, I feel like the month is distilled in a single image. Ah, sweet November. See you next year.