Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Giveaway Even Marx Would Approve Of

Who: I don't know, maybe you
What: men's size large
When: how about next Monday, Nov. 22nd
Where: right here, pals, on The T-shirt Project
Why: why not? You seem to like the t-shirt, James is getting rid of it (after many successful and blissful t-shirt years, Mike), and maybe you could be one t-shirt richer.
Enter to win this very t-shirt. Leave a comment, become a follower, blog about it, post about it on facebook, whatever. Just let me know what you did and you are entered to win.
Ta da.
Also, the biggest event of my lifetime, Harry Potter 7, is happening this Friday (or Thursday night if you're awesome and going to the midnight show...which I am).
I'll be t-shirt clad. Will you?


Mike Laughead said...

Thanks for linking to my website, I feel cool now.

I am excited about Harry Potter too. Are you going to see it in 3D?

mama.laughead said...

I borrowed James' sleeping bag when I was younger--it smelled like greasy hot dogs. Maybe people are afraid of having his t-shirt. Maybe you should tell people about James' current hygiene habits.

Mike Laughead said...

Candace, that is hilarious. Makes me glad that James wasn't my "room-roommate" in college.
No offense James!