Monday, November 15, 2010

Christian, Brooklyn, NY

Who: Christian
What: cotton, oh so soft
When: 6 months ago
Where: Park Slope Food Co-op
Why: So, the point of the co-op is you participate in the system (checking people out, packing food, unloading boxes, etc) and you get access to low cost, locally (for the most part) grown, organic (again, for the most part) food.
The #1 reason I got this t-shirt was because it was a cheap t-shirt and I knew I didn't have anything to wear the next day, because of laundry. Laundry at our house...
It's a funny inside joke at the co-op. You don't have to put this in, but, some people there were offended by it. This is classic co-op; people there are notoriously easily offended. But, you know, because some people really don't have any food...give me a break. It's a joke.
My boss often (every time I wear the t-shirt) says that he'd like to buy me lunch instead of giving me a paycheck.
I don't know, I just like it because it feels good.

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