Monday, October 4, 2010

Cherie, Provo, UT

Who: Cherie
What: cotton, presumably
When: summer, 2010
Where: London, England, purchased as part of a '3 for 25' type of deal.
Why: About two weeks into my month long trip to the UK, a group of us went to Portobello road, a massive wall of people lined with outdoor vendors. I liked that it was a cow kite because I think people put too much emphasis on a pig's ability-or lack thereof-to fly and here this cow found a way. And she's not gloating, she's not broadcasting it, she's just enjoying the ride. The whole time I was on Portobello i was singing that Disney song from Bedknobs and know the one...and now, every time I wear this or one of the other shirts I bought there, I have to sing the song a bit.

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