Friday, October 15, 2010

Calvin and Tate, and a declaration

Who: Calvin & Tate
What: cotton, I'd bet my life on it
When: photographed Sunday
Where: photographed in Prospect Park
Why: Envy. that's why I photographed them. These are cool t-shirts, and even cooler kids, but there's a larger issue here: kids wear what they want, without irony and without considering what their clothes "say" about them. These kids like Star Wars (loooooove), so they wear Star Wars. It's a lesson for us all. Wear what you like. You like Cake Boss on TLC? Wear a Cake Boss t-shirt. Let the world know. Twilight t-shirts aren't just for the night of the movie any longer--they are everyday t-shirts now. Let Tate and Calvin inspire you. Go buy your own Star Wars t-shirt. Wear it everyday.


Sarah said...

I gave my niece a Star Wars shirt with Darth Vader on it (because her mom dressed her in way too much pink, in my opinion - and what kid doesn't need a cool vintage tee?) and she called her "monster shirt" and insisted on wearing it all the time. Win!

Valerie said...

Win indeed, Sarah.