Friday, September 10, 2010

Liz, Rexburg, ID

Who: Liz, 24
What: 100% cotton, size small
When: end of winter semester, 2008
Where: the BYU-Idaho College Democrats
Why: For a few semesters, I was one of roughly 14 regularly attending members of the College Democrats. This shirt is especially cool because the College Democrats have since been disbanded (along with the Republicans; we're now a "politically neutral campus"), so the shirt's slowly becoming a relic. The combination of "BYU-Idaho" and "Democrat" makes a lot of people think the shirt is a joke. Also, one time, the College Republicans had a booth where they were giving out copies of the Constitution in pamphlet form, and they wouldn't give me one because I was wearing this shirt.


annie said...

Ben and I were just talking about the College Democrats/Republicans the other day.
"Politically Neutral Campus"? That is both completely unrealistic and totally lame.
I hope you wear that shirt a lot, Liz. A lot.

Valerie said...

Agreed, Annie. The phrase "politically neutral campus" really sticks in my craw. It's positively un-American.
Wear the hell out of this t-shirt, Liz.

Carrie Lynn said...

Also un-American is refusing to give someone a copy of the constitution on the fourth of July.

Valerie said...

YES. Exactly, Carrie.

lindsey said...

This is a huge virtual eye-roll to the idiots who decided having a "politically neutral campus" was a good idea.

Also, to those morons who refused Liz a copy of the Constitution. Have they even READ it?

Valerie said...