Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gina, Idaho Falls, ID

Who: Gina, 28
What: 100% preshrunk cotton
When: May 2009, May 2010
Where: Idaho Falls, ID
Why: Some friends and I play on a city co-ed softball team. We just finished our 4th seasno, and I sponsor (I am the "G.O." behind G.O. Speech Therapy, you know. And, you wouldn't believe how often people tell me that my initials, in fact, spell "GO". But, that's another story). Since I foot the bill, I get to choose what our tee shirts look like. Last year, I felt pretty great about sporting kelly green tees; then I bumped into a font called Black Jack and thought "Neato. Let's do it." When we got our shirts the night of our first game, I was mortified to discover that Black Jack is actually a really girlie font, and half my team are men. None of them said anything out loud to me, but the crestfallen looks on their faces spoke volumes.
You can bet your sweet bippy that this year, I put a lot more thought into which font to use on our shirts...(there's much to be said about a plain, bold font!)
The fells on the team were pleased when this season's shirts were unveiled.

p.s. Our team was 13-1 this season and I think maybe it's because my guys (and even some of the girls) didn't feel ashamed, perhaps? (Last season was something like 6-8)

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Brooke said...

GO G.O. Speech Therapy!
I am the proud owner of the blue/white version with my very own name on the back. I wonder if we could submit a team torso photo ...