Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brooke, Idaho Falls, ID

Who: Brooke, 28
What: 100% cotton, medium
When: January 2010
Where: Aaron ordered them online somewhere
Why: My friends and I play in a city volleyball league. Every new season, we have to find a sponsor who's willing to pay our $150 team fee. This season, my friend Aaron's dad, Marshall, forked it out as long as we'd advertise for his tile store. Aaron ordered these shirts, but, when they came in, they'd left off the apostrophe. He swears he put it in the order. I got my degree in English and use it ONLY to correct other peoples' grammar...especially when I see it in print. I couldn't wear this shirt! so, I found my roommates's white fingernail polish and painted in an apostrophe. Mostly, it just looks like a permanent booger on the shirt, but, I was satisfied and played in it all season. We even won two games.

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Guy Mayhem said...

I hate the absence or misuse of the apostrophe more than any other grammatical error.