Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sarah, Queens, NY

Who: Sarah
What: 100% cotton, size medium
When: 2, maybe 3 years ago
Where: the Salvation Army on Steinway, where about 1/2 my clothing comes from
Why: Well, I just liked it because it's a Hirschfeld cartoon. And, there's a year on the back, and it's actually an 80s t-shirt. I also felt less pretentious wearing it because I'd actually watched some episodes. I did Twelfth Night a few years ago, I played Maria, and the director told me he envisioned Toby and Maria to have the same dynamic as Alice and Ralph Kramden. I think it was pretty spot on--how Ralph thinks he's in control, but it's Alice that's running the show--I liked her kind of take-no-prisoners attitude. Anyway, I guess this t-shirt caught my eye more than it would have otherwise.

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