Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hunger Games, Hunger Games, Hunger Games

Who: lots
What: all kinds
When: last night, 08/23/10, midnight-ish
Where: Books of Wonder, NYC
Why: Mockingjay midnight release with Suzanne Collins

The last 2 t-shirts belong to the cool girls from First Novels Club.


Rachel said...

True Story: There were no Hunger Games release parties in my area last night but at 11 pm I got a text from a friend who decided to throw an impromptu one. I quickly put my bra back on and applied some extreme eye make up (ala the Capitol) and headed out to Pomona where I was given a knife to wield. We took pictures and my friend downloaded the book on her Kindle at midnight and read us the 1st chapter. Best Pary Ever.

Sarah said...

I tried to find the first book at the library last week, per your suggestion, but they didn't have it! I presume you own a copy; perhaps I could borrow it?