Monday, August 2, 2010

Emergency T-Shirt

Who: Annie
What: cotton, a little stiff
When: july, 2010
Where: New Haven, CT
Why: Emergency: after some sort of train shut down, no trains were running from New Haven into New York City, so, what was intended to be a day visit became a sleepover. T-shirts--the universal token of hospitality--were given for sleeping purposes, making this shirt, What is Art, and Why does it Matter?, an emergency t-shirt.

Who: Christina
What: cotton, soft
When: july, 2010
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Why: Emergency: at the end of a day-long visit, chocolate milk was spilled down a crisp white shirt, rendering it unwearable. The Smurfs t-shirt, given so the white shirt could be treated for chocolate milk stain, became an emergency t-shirt.

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