Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ben, Raleigh, NC

Who: Ben
What: 100% cotton, size L
When: a while ago
Where: California Bluegrass Association Father's Day Festival, in Grass Valley, California
Why: Teton Divide is my band, the shirt is really just self-promotion. My band was playing the festival, and they gave us a booth. We needed to sell some merchandise; someone in the group made these and I got to keep one. The band gets its name the pass in the Teton mountian range called the Teton Divide. It got the name Teton, because we were in Rexburg, Idaho, and, we went with Divide because we were so dramatically different from every other college band in Rexburg. Oh, and also, it basically translates to cleavage. The band was three girls and me, they thought it was funny. Wearing it now is still shameless self-promotion, but, because no one knows who we are, I look really hip--like I'm into a band that no one else knows about.

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