Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pete, Brooklyn, NY

Who: Pete, 20 months
What: cotton, blue, XL
When: last year, before he turned 1
Where: water conference, originally
Why: (as told by his mother) My dad was a deputy city manager in Texas, and he was in charge of water. He used to go to all these water conferences. He gave Andy (Pete's dad) his road bike and sent it from Texas to New York packed in water t-shirts. I decided to make Pete pajamas, because I didn't want to buy them. I made them right before my parents came for a visit, to see if my dad would recognize the shirt.
He did.


Guy Mayhem said...

I can tell by the shirt that kid's going to grow up a hippie. Despite his parents' beliefs or collection of Reagan posters.

Aaron Allen said...

It looks like whoever is holding pete in this photo is about to deliver "the peoples elbow" to his shoulder.

Shiloh said...

james, little do you know, we have a secret room in our apartment that is plastered with reagan posters with hearts drawn around his face.

Guy Mayhem said...

Show me this room! I will fight it with my pinko power.