Friday, June 11, 2010

James, Brooklyn, NY

Who: James, 31
What: Charcoal gray cotton, size medium
When: April 2008
Where: Brooklyn Industries-birthday gift
Why: The summer before I got this I taught remedial English classes in the Bronx, and I had to drive on the BQE everyday to get there. Everyday the traffic freaked me out. The BQE is an elevated highway, and I would approach the on-ramp, and just be stuck, waiting to get on, for a half an hour every day. I would sit there, starring at the underbelly of the highway--it was the bane of my existence that summer. But, it was also my route home everyday, when it would kind of clear out. It became a very love/hate relationship. That fall I heard Sufjan Stevens' BQE Symphony. So, the shirt kind of encapsulates, in one, the summer of 2007.


Shiloh said...

I can't help but love this shirt. love. give it to me james, give it over.

annie said...

i too love this shirt.
ben has this shirt as well.
i miss living practically under the BQE.
i also do not miss living practically under the BQE.